How it Works

LancerHop is non-discriminatory! It does not matter to us whether you are: a single mom, a super geek of the internet, a routine writer, a designing junkie or a retired professional, it is your skill set that will make you opportune at LancerHop.

To become a part of LancerHop’s team, there are four simple steps that you will have to go through. The blueprint of these few steps is provided for your better understanding.


This first step towards being a part of the team is the registration process. To register yourself, you will have to go to the Apply Now page, where you will have to fill in the form with your details. In addition to your personal and educational details, you will have to upload your Resume or a sample of your expertise.

Rest assured that the information you provide us will be kept confidential; therefore, kindly provide the accurate information regarding the contact number and educational level.


The first step almost completes your profile for setting. To complete the profile, you will provide all the details and qualifications that you have attained so far. In addition to that, you will be asked to provide the payment method that you will prefer to receive your payments.


The most important part of joining the team, proving your skills! Within the 24 hours of signing up with LancerHop, you will be provided with a “Test” for completion via email. All the relevant details and criteria of selection will be attached to the email along with the test. The time frame of the test starts when you acknowledge the email.

For the people applying as a writer will have to perform research and write about the said topic. For web designers, a specific task will be given where you might have to develop graphics or create a pseudo website. Each freelancing job will have its relevant test for you to complete within the set time frame.

Furthermore, acknowledgment of the email is a must, in order for us to filter the serious and interested candidates.


Once you clear the test, you will be informed about terms of the services and the tasks that you will be performing in the future at your set desired time.

It will be your duty from then on to ensure the quality of your work, and we will make sure that you are happy throughout your working period with us.